After 12th Class: What is Science Stream and carrier in Science [2021]

It is very commonly asked in every stream that what to do After the 12th Class. If students had chosen any stream in class 10th they have also a question in their mind that what course will be best in their stream. Do many questions come to mind of students after 12th class like- which course is best? Which course has high opportunities? Which course has great career options? Like this most of the questions comes to mind.

Why choosing the best course is important?

Every student has different mental abilities, interests,s and different opinions. So every student has to choose a course according to their interest and abilities. Choosing a course and college is like we are choosing a school for a little boy or maybe more difficult because students will enter in totally new environment with new courses. That’s why students have to choose their course very carefully and with knowledge.

Some of the major factors that students keep in mind while deciding the best course for them-


Students can choose any subject, but it is necessary that they have full interest in it. Having mental clarity about, what they want to do in the future and how they are interested in a particular field is very important. Interest in the field or course of students will help them to realize their dream and for deciding the best course for them.

Understanding of Course:

Before deciding on any course students should have a great knowledge of every course related to their stream. After then they can understand that what course will be best for them. Students should have understood that what subjects will be covered, what they have to learn, and which kind of teaching pedagogy is followed in a particular graduation course.

For all those information students can ask for help from their seniors or they can also get knowledge from different websites.

Future prospects:

While choosing the course students should also put in mind that what are the future opportunities in that course. Especially if you are choosing some new or off-beat course. It is important to get knowledge of the future opportunities and jobs related to the course. Otherwise, it will affect the future of the students.

There are major three streams after the 10th and every stream has different courses. So let discuss the courses of every stream in detail-

Science Stream After 12th Class 2021

Why do B-Tech After 12th Class

B.Tech or BE is an undergraduate course in engineering. For pursuing this course students must complete their 10+2 with science stream. For those who have an interest in the field of technology, B.Tech is the best choice. Students should have taken physics, chemistry, and mathematics as compulsory subjects to take this course.

How students can apply in universities for B.Tech

 B.Tech stands for Bachelor of Technology and BE stands for Bachelor of Engineering. The duration of this course is four years and for the selection of colleges/ universities for this course, students should give JEE Mains and Advance. Selection of colleges for these courses is only done by the marks or ranking in JEE exams and JEE is conducted by CBSE and has a syllabus of 11th and 12th Class of PCM. There are some best colleges for this course all over India are IITs, NITs.

Different Types of Courses in B.Tech After 12th

1. Aerospace Engineering: For those students, who have a great interest in the field of aircraft and spacecraft can choose this course. The aim of this branch is development in the stream of aircraft and spacecraft. This branch is also divided into two parts that are aeronautical engineering and astronautics.

 2. Computer Science Engineering: Computer Science Engineering deals with computer programming, program designing, Computer software and algorithm.

3. Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineering deals with hardware or designing of power-producing machines and vehicle designing can apply for this course.

4. Chemical Engineering: Chemical engineering deals with the study of working and design of chemical plants and methods of getting high production.

5. Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering deals with the construction, designing, maintenance of buildings including public works like roads, bridges, dams, canals, pipelines, sewage systems, and so on.

6. Environmental Engineering: Environmental engineering deals with designing projects related to environments like water reclamation facilities, control of different types of pollutions, and so on. The main aim of this stream is to protect the ecosystem and solve environmental-related problems.

7. Electrical Engineering: Electrical engineering deals with the study of devices or systems which are used with the help of power. And technology aspects of electricity, mainly designing and functions of circuitry and electronic equipment.

8. Biomedical Engineering: Biomedical engineering deals with the construction and designing of machines, equipment, and applications used in medical fields.

9. Industrial Production Engineering: Industrial production engineering deals with the designing of machine elements, manufacturing technologies, and managing the production of materials.

10. Information Technology Engineering: The motto of Information Technology(IT) engineering is building communications networks for the company, safely storing databases, managing computer hardware and software, and helping employees to troubleshoot their problems with computers and other devices.

11. Agricultural Engineering: Agricultural engineering deals with the problems related to agriculture like a proper supply of power, the efficiency of machinery, pollution, and storage of agricultural products.

12. Mining Engineering: Mining engineering deals with the extraction of minerals from underneath, above, or on the ground and different processes used in the mining and refining of minerals. is the best course for those students who have a great interest in research-oriented work and technology. And after completing their graduation in students can also apply for in it.

Why we do B.Sc After 12 Class 2021

B.Sc stands for Bachelor of Science and this is the best course for the students who are interested in the fields of science. Students from every stream can apply for the course of B.Sc.

Admission for this course is based on 10+2 percentages there are many private, government, and autonomous colleges for pursuing this college. Mainly students from the science stream apply for this course. The duration of this course is 3 years.

Different Types of Courses in B.Sc Scream 2021

1. B.Sc Computer Science: In this course, students learn the different applications of computers and different programming languages to make different software and understand coding. This will help them to get jobs in different IT companies.

2. B.Sc Nursing: In this course, students learn nursing science and training for professional nursing and how to face difficult situations under health.

3. B.Sc Biotechnology: In this course, students learn about how technology can be used to create useful and necessary products from living organisms without interfering with their livelihood.

4. B.Sc Biochemistry: This course gives the deep knowledge of biology and chemistry and dependency on each other. Like in animals, plants, microbiology both chemistry, and biology are involved.

5. B.Sc Agriculture: This course gives the knowledge about modern agriculture facilities and how to develop more facilities in the agriculture field to increase productivity.

6. B.Sc Horticulture: This course gives the knowledge of plantation. In this course, students got knowledge of different plants and methods of gardening to increase and develop productivity.

7. B.Sc Zoology: This course deals with animal and environmental biology. In this course, students got knowledge about the dependency of each other in biodiversity and how to work in the field of biodiversity prospecting, ecosystem monitoring, and so on.

8. B.Sc Physics: This course gives students depth knowledge of every field of physics like electromagnetics, optics, mechanics, and electronics.

9. B.Sc Chemistry: This course gives the basic knowledge of every field of chemistry like motions of atoms, molecules, and substance and it is also a combined study of matter and the concept of energy, heat, and entropy.

10. B.Sc Mathematics: This course gives the basic knowledge of every topic in mathematics and advanced calculative concepts in the field of mathematics. In this field, students are prepared for different applied research used in different fields.

Why MBBS After 12th Class 2021

MBBS is an undergraduate course in the medical field. For this course, the student must complete their 10+2 with science stream with main subjects chemistry, physics, and biology. Those students who have a great interest in the field of medicine and want to be a doctor can apply for this course.

How Students can Apply in Universities for MBBS

MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. The duration of this course is 5.5 years( 4.5 years of academic education + 1 year of mandatory internship) and for the selection of colleges/ universities for this course, students should give NEET exams. Selection of college and courses are only done by the marks or ranking in NEET and the syllabus for the NEET exam is the advanced syllabus of the 11th and 12th Class of PCB. Presently, the best college of MBBS all over India is AIIMS.

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