PAN Card: How to Enroll, Eligibility, Status, and Download Step by Step Process.

The PAN which means Permanent Account Number is a ten-character alphanumeric identifier, given to every citizen who applied for it as eligible for it. The PAN is given in a laminated form by the Indian Income Tax Department of the Indian government. The PAN card can also be obtained in the form of a PDF file.

PAN Card: How to Enroll, Eligibility, Status, and Download Step by Step Process.

The PAN system of identification is a computer-based system within which all tax-related information of a person is recorded against a single PAN number which acts as the primary key for the storage of information. Hence two people on tax-paying entities can never have the same PAN numbers.

The concept of PAN was introduced by the government of India in 1972. It was made statutory under section 139A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 with effect from 1st April 1976. Till now approx 25 crore people got their PAN number.

Structure of PAN Card

There is much information inside the PAN card such as Identity, Age Proof, and also complies with the Know Your Customer(KYC) guidelines.

The details to be found inside the PAN card are as follows:

  • Card Holder’s Name
  • Father’s Name of Card Holder
  • Date of Birth
  • Permanent Account Number 
  • Signature of Card Holder
  • Photo of Card Holder

Structure of PAN Card Number and Mean

The PAN (or PAN number) is made up of a ten-character long alpha-numeric unique identifier.

Which contains 6 alphabets and 4 numbers.

  • The first three letters are purely alphabetical in nature and contain any three letters of the alphabet from A to Z.
  • The fourth letter is also alphabetical and represents the types of holder of card.Each holder type is uniquely defined by a letter from the list below:

A — Association of persons (AOP)

B — Body of Individuals (BOI)

C — Company

F — Firm

G — Government

H — HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)

L — Local authority

J — Artificial juridical person

P — Person (Individual)

T — Trust (AOP)

  • The fifth character of the PAN is the first character of either:
    •  the surname or last name of the person, in the case of a “personal” PAN card, where the fourth character is “P” or
    •  the name of the entity, trust, society, or organisation in the case of a company/HUF/firm/AOP/trust/BOI/local authority/artificial judicial person/government, where the fourth character is “C”, “H”, “F”, “A”, “T”, “B”, “L”, “J”, “G”.
  • The remaining characters are random. The 4 numeric numbers(sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth) and last alphabetic number(tenth) are all randomly decided.

Eligibility for PAN Card 2021

All citizens of India who have a source of income and valid proof are eligible to apply for a PAN card. It is necessary to obtain a PAN card or Permanent Account Number for every taxpayer or any person who needs to file Income Tax Return on his own or from someone else.

To apply for pan card applicants should have citizenship of India after this having his/her address, date of birth, and id proof. That ID Proof can be either Passport or Driving License Aadhar Voter ID etc.

Types Of PAN Card

There are a total of seven types of PAN:

  • Individual
  • HUF-Hindu undivided family
  • Company
  • Firms or Partnerships
  • Trusts
  • Society
  • Foreigners

Uses Of PAN Card

There are lots of benefits/uses for those people who get their PAN and some of the benefits are as follows:

  • All banks, whether it is public or private or cooperative, have a condition to open their bank account, within which they must have a PAN card along with all other required documents.
  • If you want to sell or buy  any four wheeler vehicle which is more than Rs.5,00,000 then it is necessary to give your PAN card details at the time of transaction.
  • While buying jewelry, if your bill is above 5 lakhs, then it is very important to give the details of your PAN card.
  • PAN card can be use as Proof of Identity while making a Voter ID card, passport, driving license or taking an electricity connection.
  • If you want to get any new telephone connection or mobile phone connection, then it is mandatory for you to share your PAN card details or else they will not give your connection.
  • Getting a Pan card is mandatory for the payments of life insurance as a premium to the insurer for an amount totalling more than rs 50,000 in any financial year.
  • For buying or selling securities for any account which is more than rs 1,00,000 per transaction giving the details of  PAN card is mandatory.

How To Enroll For PAN Card

You can get your PAN number through two modes offline and online.

Offline Mode: Apply For PAN Card

  • First of all, download Form 49A by visiting NSDL or UTI ITSL portal and take a print out of it. and click on [Form 49A]
  • Fill  Form 49A and give all the information asked in it correctly.
  • All the information provided by the applicant should match with the identity proof and resident proof.
  • Attach your recent passport size color photograph along with all your documents.
  • Now after attaching all the documents and filling the form, submit your form at any nearest NSDL office or UTIITSL Pan Service Center along with Application charge of ₹94 through any payment method(DD, cash or e-payment).
  • After this your PAN card number will come on your registered mobile number or on the email id given by you after the validation process is over and you will get your new PAN card within 20 working days.

Online Mode: Apply For PAN Card

  • First, applicants should visit the official website TIN NSDL to apply for a new PAN card for Indian citizens only.
  • Then click on the option for a new PAN card for indian citizens.
  • Now after that a new page opens which is very important for the applicants. Inside that page, what to do and what not to do in the application and all the instructions for filling the form of PAN card are given.Carefully read all the instructions and click on Online Application for New PAN(Form 49A).
  • After that fill the form with required information and attach all required documents.
  • Fill all information correctly at your own risk.
  • After that pay the required processing fee through any e-payment method.
  • After that your PAN will be obtained and you will get the notification in the registered mobile number.
  • And you will receive a PAN card under 20 working days.

Documents Required For PAN Card

Documents required for identity proof (any one of them):

  • Voter ID card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Ration card with applicant’s photograph
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Arm’s license
  • Photo identity card issued by central or state government
  • Central government health scheme card
  • Bank passbook containing an attested photograph of the applicant along with bank account number
  • Pensioner card with applicant’s photograph

Documents required for address proof (any of them):

  • Voter id card with photograph
  • Aadhar card
  • Electricity bill(recent)
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Landline telephone bill
  • connection bill(recent)
  • Post office passbook featuring address of the applicant
  • Bank account statement
  • Credit card statement
  • Latest order for property tax assessment

Documents required for date of birth proof (any of them):

  • Birth certificate issued by municipal authority
  • Pension payment order
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Matriculation certificate
  • Affidavit signed before a magistrate stating the DOB

Important Information Kept In Mind

When you applying for PAN CARD. There are some important things that keep in mind by the applicant while applying for a PAN card-

  • Photographs given by the applicant for the PAN card should be clear visibility of the applicant’s face. And the photograph should be a recent colour photograph with size: 3.5cm x 2.5cm.
  • While filling the application form, applicants should keep in mind that they must fill in their surname before first name. Because in the pan card name will appear in the sequence of ‘First name Surname’ only.
  • Father’s name is compulsory in PAN application. Some female applicants give their husband’s name instead of Father’s name, which is totally incorrect.
  • Make sure that all documents given by the applicant are correct and legal.
  • The form 49A filled by the applicant should be in block letters only.

How to Download PAN Card in Soft Copy(Pdf) 

Now applicants can easily download their soft copy of their PAN card by some easy steps. Applicants can download e PAN card by two different processes that are given below-

  • Applicant can get their e-PAN card by their acknowledgment number and steps are given below-

Step1- Visit the NSDL Portal to download e-PAN

Step2- select the option e-pan by Acknowledgment number

Step3- enter the acknowledgment number given to the applicant at the time of registration for e PAN

Step4- enter the DOB as asked.

Step5- enter the captcha for the verification

Step6- Click on the submit

Step7- after then this will send an OTP on your registered mobile number

Step8- enter the OTP you have received and click on validate

Step10- click on the “download pdf” option to download the e PAN instantly 

  •  Applicants can get their E-PAN card by their PAN and date of birth and steps are given below-

Step1- Visit the site to download the e-PAN NSDL Portal.

Step2- enter the details asked in the form such as Date of Birth, PAN, and Captcha Code.

Step3- click on submit and download the e PAN card for free.


How much money does it take to make a PAN card?

While making a PAN card, ₹ 110 is charged to an Indian citizen. And to make a PAN card for a foreign citizen, it takes ₹ 1020 approximately.

What is the full form of PAN?

Permanent Account Number is the full form of PAN.

Can foreign citizens also apply for a PAN card?

Yes, foreign citizens can also apply for a PAN card through online mode.

How long does it take to get a PAN card?

It takes 20 working days to generate a PAN card.

How long is the validity of PAN?

The validity of the PAN lasts for lifetime.

Which form has to be filled to get a new PAN card?

An Indian citizen has to fill form 49A to get a PAN card. And foreign citizens have to fill the form 49AA to get a PAN card.

What is a PAN card?

The PAN which means permanent account number is a 10 character alphanumeric identifier, given to every citizen who applied for it as eligible for it.

Can any person get their e PAN card?

Yes, any person can get their E-PAN card by filling the form on the NSDL Official site( Download E-Pan Card) by giving some personal details that are required.

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