Descargar Previsión Meteorológica gratis para Android

With this application you can obtain meteorological information simultaneously in up to four different locations. You will consult the current situation and the forecast for the next four days for each of these locations.

Additionally for users in Spain, shortcuts to the AEMET website (lightning map, precipitation probability, satellite …) are provided.

In addition, the widgets we offer allow you to obtain information quickly and decorate your desktop. Available sizes:

Widget 2×1: shows only the current situation.
Widget 4×1: shows date and time in addition to the current situation. In addition to some extras such as:
– Shortcuts bar that will allow you to lock the phone (it is necessary to have our LockScreen application installed), enable / disable Wi-Fi, access the bluetooth settings and access the mobile network settings ( ideal to switch between 2G and 3G or disable data).

Explanation of the necessary permissions:
– Your location: in case we use geolocation.
– Network communication: it is obvious that we need internet connectivity to access the data.
– Phone calls: rather we need access to the phone status so that, after starting the mobile, if we detect internet connection, the widgets are automatically updated.
– System tools: change the Wi-Fi status (for the optional switch in the 4×1 widget).

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