Career Choice After 10th Class for Batter Carrer 2021

If you just passed your 10th and are now confused about which stream should we choose? and Which Career Choices After the 10th Then don’t worry this article will give you a brief description of every stream after the 10th that you should get. What to do after the 10th? is one of the most common and important questions that stuck in the mind of every student who just passed out their 10th. Nowadays, there are lots of fields after completing higher education and every field has a great opportunity but our main concern is that What is right for us??

Which field will help for completing the dreams?? Does choosing stream plays any role in our career??

Let us understand by a simple example; What if Sachin Tendulkar decided to became a singer? And Lata Mangeshkar decided to become a cricketer? Do we get the best cricketer and singer? This is the reason for choosing the right stream.

Some students know what they want to be in their life and they follow their dreams too. But there are many students who are confused about their career and for them. it is not easy to decide the right stream that helps them to follow their passion. Because after the results of 10th various devices from friends and family will confuse them which results from them to choose the wrong stream and that affects the future of them. So to choose the right stream is very important and for that first, we have knowledge of every stream and opportunities related to that stream.

Why Career Counseling is Important for the 10th Class?

After the results of 10th every student has to decide the stream and choosing the correct stream is very important because 11th and 12th are the base of their career and it will decide in which field their future has to be gone. Career counseling plays an important for analyze their strengths and weakness and which stream is best for them. Career counseling helps them to understand the options that are present in every field and opportunities that will come in the future.

Mistakes Students Make While Choosing Their Stream After 10th

Following the Crowd Blindly- This is one of the most common mistakes taken by students. In many cases, students don’t know what they exactly want to do in their life so they decide to go with the flow or with the majority and some students just take any stream because their friends decided to choose that stream, after that while the time of graduation they understand their mistakes. So, it is necessary to choose the stream very carefully in which students perform their best or they are interested in that field.

Family’s Socio-Economic Pressure- Parents play a very important role in their children’s careers. Some students decide to choose any affordable stream to support their family’s economic conditions and didn’t think about their actual interests. Families from low socio-economic status lack in supporting their children’s career interests because of some economic or other reasons.

Following their Parent’s dream- The big mistake that students make are following their parent’s dream without knowing their actual dreams. Every parent wants the best for their children but sometimes they see their childhood in their children want that their children will follow their dream without knowing their children’s actual dream. Sometimes this mentality from parents creates pressure for their children to choose the stream that they are not actually interested in.

Lack of Knowledge- If we talk about 15-20 years before there were only limited streams. But now the conditions are totally different there are lots of streams with different opportunities. So having the knowledge of every stream is very important for choosing the stream related to their dreams and to follow their passions.

Different Career Options After 10th Class 2021

There are many streams after the 10th to select but choosing the right one is very important.

  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Arts
  • Diploma

Career Start With Science After 10th Class

This is the most chosen stream for higher secondary educations and the favorite career option for the majority of parents and students.

The Science stream provides many opportunities in many fields such as medical, engineering, scientific researches, chemical researches. Mainly in higher secondary education for science stream students have to study 4 subjects -English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology.

Physics, Chemistry, and English are the compulsory subjects for selecting any field in science. There is a choice between mathematics and biology if students are interested in the field of engineering, scientific researches architecture, national defense, or research and teaching so they can choose mathematics. The Science stream in mathematics provides chances to apply for many competitive exams mentioned below.

  • JEE (Joint entrance examination)
  • NDA (National Defense Academy)
  • BITSAT (Birla Institute of Science and Technology Admission Test)
  • ISIA (Indian Statistical Institute Admission)
  • TES (Indian Army Technical Entry Scheme)

And if students are interested in the field of medicine, botany, microbiology, and pharmacy so they can choose biology. There are also many career options in physics and chemistry like a lecturer, pharmacologist, and chemical researches. The Science stream in biology also provides chances to apply for various competitive exams mentioned below-

There is also a 5th optional subject in every stream. In mathematics, optional subjects are biotechnology, economics, computer science, home science, fine arts, and physical education.

In-stream of biology optional subjects are psychology, home science, mathematics, economics, biotechnology, fine arts, and physical education.

Why Students Choose The Science Stream?

  1. The best benefit of choosing a science stream is it provides many opportunities and options in a career.
  2. The Science stream provides a great platform and knowledge for the students who are interested in researching new things about the world.
  3. The Science stream helps the students to boost the problem-solving abilities.
  4. Science stream offers great and respectable jobs with highly paid salaries.
  5. The great benefit of taking the science stream is that if students feel any difficulty in the science stream then they can easily change their stream to any stream after their higher secondary education.

“ The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”

– Edward Teller

Career With Commerce After 10th Class 2021

Commerce is the best choice for students who are interested in finance and economics. Students have many choices if they decide to learn commerce like– Chartered Accountant, Marketing Manager, Investment Banker, Chartered Financial Analyst, Cost Accountant, Sales Manager, Management Analyst and so on. Students in the commerce stream have to mainly learn 4 subjects in commerce that are- Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, English. And there is also the 5th subject that is optional. Optional subjects are Mathematics, Informatics Practices, Psychology, Fine Arts, Physical Education, and Legal Studies. If students decide to choose mathematics as the optional subject they have great profit in many competitive exams like CA, CMA, CS, CIB.

Students who decided to pursue commerce have many options for appearing in some entrance exams after 10th mentioned below –

  • CA (Chartered accountant)
  • CS (Company Secretary)
  • ICWA (Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India)
  • CMA (Cost and Management Accountant)

Why Students Choose Commerce Stream?

  1. If students want to make a great achievement in the field of economics, finance, and business then taking commerce is a great choice.
  2. In the commerce stream, if students applied and cleared their competitive exams then they got a great job with a reputed and highly paid salary.
  3. Students can also apply for banking jobs with this stream and got a great job.
  4. With commerce stream student got a great knowledge of economy and finance of the system that helps them to learn how the world’s economy work.
  5. The commerce stream should be pursued by students who have an aptitude as well as an enthusiastic attitude in it.

“Commerce changes the fate and genius of nations”

-Thomas Grey

Career With Arts After 10th Class 2021

Arts will be a great platform for those who want to be a Journalist, fashion designer, Graphic Designer, Management Roles, Corporate Lawyer, Insurance Manager, Digital Marketing, and Product Manager. Before arts was not a very developed subject, but now there are various career choices in arts. Students in the arts stream mainly have to study 4 subjects that are- History, Geography, Political Science, English. And 5th optional subjects are- Psychology, Economics, Legal Studies, Fine Arts, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics.

Some competitive for students in the arts stream are given below-

  • MRNAT (Manav Rachna National Aptitude Test)
  • NCHMCT JEE (National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Examination)
  • NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology)
  • CLAT (Common Law Admission Test)
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

Why Students Choose Arts Stream?

  1. Students who choose the art stream have s great general knowledge rather than any other stream and that helps them in many competitive exams.
  2. Students will get the knowledge of day-to-day life of the society functions by studying economics, sociology and anthropology and got a close look in society.
  3. If we say that arts are less difficult than any stream then it will not be totally false.
  4. By studying art stream students may not get direct employment but it will prepare them for future jobs that require great communication skills, logical reasoning, general knowledge and different way of vision towards society.
  5. Studying arts will give students to look closely at society and helps them to develop the power of analysis, expression and expressing their thoughts clearly.

“Arts is a line around your thoughts.”

Gustav Klimt

Career With Diploma After 10th Class 2021

Here, let’s discuss some diplomas that students can do after their higher educations-

1. Diploma in Commercial Arts– This diploma has a course of two years. There is a great choice for those students who are interesting in selling goods and services, and they can also find their jobs in advertising companies, electronic imaging and production, and art studios.

2. Diploma in Art Teaching– This diploma has a course of two years and it will focus on the ability of sketching method and craft making of students.

3. Diploma In Beauty Culture And Hairdressing– This diploma has a duration of three months to one year depending on the stream and university. And these will give training of beauty course to students and after then they can easily apply for any job in a beauty salon.

4.  Industrial Training Institutes (ITI)- These institutes are run by the government to provide jobs to many unemployed people. This diploma provides training in different fields with different time duration. Students got many opportunities in the public sector or private sector after completing these diplomas.

5.  Diploma in Garment Technology– This diploma has a course duration of three years. This diploma gives the ideas pertaining to designing garments and fabrication. These diplomas will help those students who have dreams of being fashion designers.

6.  Diploma in Stenography– The duration of these programs is two years. After completing these programs students can apply for positions of stenographer, computer operator, and clerk in both the private and public sectors.

7.  Diploma in Hotel Management And Catering Technology- The duration of these programs is two years and with these diplomas, students will learn about the skills required in hospitality management and these will give them knowledge about sales and marketing, financial management, human resources management, and hotel a catering law.

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